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Salten Kraftsamband AS (SKS) is a private limited company owned by municipal authorities in the county of Nordland, and the energy companies Bodø Energi AS and Troms Kraftforsyning og Energi AS. SKS holds the following subsidiaries: SKS Produksjon AS, SKS Kraftsalg AS, SKS Eiendom AS and Sjøfossen Energi AS. SKS partly owns the subsidiaries Fram Kraftentreprenør AS, Rødøy-Lurøy Kraftverk AS, Govddesåga Kraftverk AS, Sjøfossen Næringsutvikling AS, Helgeland Småkraft AS, Beiarkraft AS, and, directly and indirectly, Nord-Norsk Vindkraft AS. Indirectly SKS partly owns Rødøy-Lurøy Fiber AS, Hattfjelldal Kraft AS and Krutåga Kraft AS.

SKS was established in 1956 as an electrical power transmission company. In 1975 it merged to include both a regional transmission network and electricity production, and through these years SKS has experienced growth as new activities and subsidiaries have been added to the company. In 2009, the transmission grid formerly owned by SKS was sold to Nordlandsnett AS. SKS owns 5 % of Nordlandsnett AS.

SKS is considered an important employer within the region of Salten, and has through half a century contributed with significant values to the region and continues to do so. SKS serves its social responsibilities in several ways, for example by supporting non-profit organizations, sport teams and cultural events, by participation and contributions to industrial and commercial development and educational projects, and through environmental focus. 

SKS Produksjon AS

SKS Produksjon AS is a wholly owned company by SKS. SKS Produksjon is the largest energy production company in Northern Norway, owning 11 hydroelectric power stations in the municipalities of Fauske, Bodø and Gildeskål. The annual production is about 1,9 TWh. 

With the energy sector comes market risk and SKS Produksjon experiences risk exposure through fluctuations in electricity prices. To reduce such exposure the company engages in hedging with forward contracts and contracts for difference according to a defined risk strategy.  

SKS Kraftsalg AS

SKS Kraftsalg is a wholly owned company by SKS. SKS Kraftsalg is engaged in the power market, offering a wide range of products and services, including end-user sales, energy trading of both physical and financial contracts, portfolio management, settlement services, and marketing. Through employees with years of experience and well-built systems the company is able to efficiently manage and increase the value of energy resources owned by partners and municipalities.

SKS Kraftsalg is selling electricity through several other distribution companies on a commission basis. Through this cooperation, and by offering the customers a diverse range of products at competitive prices, the company has managed to become one of the 3 largest end-user suppliers in Northern Norway. 

The department of Portfolio Management is managing energy portfolios for external customers creating significant value for its clients. It has also become a player in the renewable energy certificate market, providing certificates to buyers both domestically and internationally. 

SKS Eiendom AS

SKS Eiendom AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of SKS. SKS Eiendom’s activities revolve around involvement in renewable energy, industrial and commercial development, resource development and other activities related to the industry.

SKS Eiendom has no employees. The company has ownership interest in about 20 small and large scale companies, most of them placed in the region of Salten. Most activities over the past few years have been related to development projects and early stage business operations.

The company’s ownership interests within industrial and commercial development are assembled in SKS Eiendom AS through shares in Nord-Salten Kraft AS, North Energy AS, KapNord Fond AS, Kunnskapsparken Bodø AS and Kunnskapsfondet Nordland AS. The company also holds shares in companies related to the energy and telecommunication sector. SKS Eiendom rents out office space to the companies within the group and associated companies.

Sjøfossen Energi AS

Sjøfossen Energi AS produces electrical power from 5 power plants and performs contractor operations all over northern Norway. In 2013 SKS bought all shares of stock held by the municipals Gildeskål and Beiarn and private owners. Sjøfossen Energi AS then became a wholly owned subsidiary of Salten Kraftsamband AS. In 2013 Sjøfossen Energi AS sold their share of stocks in Salten Kraftsamband AS to Nordland Fylkeskommune (Nordland County Council).

Nord-Norsk Vindkraft AS

Nord-Norsk Vindkraft (NNV) is a partially owned subsidiary of SKS Eiendom AS, who holds 50,20 %, and of Rødøy Lurøy Kraftverk AS who holds 10,10 %. It is a private limited company with a registered share capital. Nord-Norsk Vindkraft’s business concept is to exploit wind energy in order to produce electrical energy. The company aims to develop and arrange for expansion of wind power plants in Northern Norway, primarily in the county of Nordland, and to further create value for its owners and the society.

Fram Kraftentreprenør AS

Fram Kraftentreprenør AS is a partly owned subsidiary of SKS Eiendom AS, who holds a share of 51%. The remaining shares are owned by Troms Kraft Entreprenør AS. The company develops and offers services related to construction and maintenance of transmission systems and production buildings for electrical power. The company strives to further develop high in demand products within maintenance and methods of assembling. The company will continue to boost its competence within project management to be able to get new projects that meet its aims and strategies.

Rødøy-Lurøy Kraftverk AS

Rødøy-Lurøy Kraftverk (RLK) is a partly owned subsidiary of SKS Eiendom AS, who holds a share of 58.60%. RLK was registered in 1948 and produces, transfers and sells electrical power. Its main office lies in Tjongsfjorden in the municipality of Rødøy and a branch office is placed in Tonnes in the municipality of Lurøy. The production is placed in Reppa. RLK supplies the municipalities of Rødøy, Lurøy and Træna with electrical power.

Govddesåga Kraftverk AS

Govddesåga Kraftverk AS is a partly owned subsidiary of SKS Produksjon AS, where SKS Produksjon has a share of 55.90%. The company was established with the purpose of building a new power plant planned to be in operation from 2016.

Helgeland Småkraft AS

Helgeland Småkraft AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sjøfossen Energi AS. The company produces electrical power from 1 power plant located in the region of Helgeland. Helgeland Småkraft AS has no employees.

Sjøfossen Næringsutvikling AS

Sjøfossen Næringsutvikling is a partly owned subsidiary of Sjøfossen Energi AS, who holds a share of 50,26 %, and of SKS Produksjon AS who holds 6,93 %. Sjøfossen Næringsutvikling promotes industrial and commercial development in the municipals of Gildeskål and Beiarn.

Beiarkraft AS

Beiarkraft AS is a partly owned subsidiary of Sjøfossen Energi AS, who holds a share of 60 %. Beiarkraft plans to build and run powerplants utilizing hydroelectric power from waterfalls in the municipal of Beiarn.

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